Memory of today, Memory of the future by the collective N.E.T

This monumental canvas evokes the Africa of yesterday and today committed to a common future. With the collective N.E.T, it is the whole continent that is projected in this canvas. Here everything makes sense and has an unparalleled symbolic force. This cartography that covers the background of the canvas illuminated by the signs of the Dogon cosmogony is the work of Jean David Nkot.

Jean David paints an imaginary Africa crossed by waterways common to all. The roads become a path of life and no longer borders and separation.

Like the ancient Egyptians, the Dogon have developed over the centuries a rich astronomical culture. Their discovery of the planetary system of Sirius still intrigues all astronomers, so much the knowledge of these planets, invisible to the naked eye, testifies to an extremely developed scientific culture.

This work reminds us how much the earth and space are in fusion and live together.

For Géraldine Tobé “space is a whole that allows us to feel emotions, it is the receptacle of all dreams, the place of all possibilities. To better remind us how much the earth depends on the information seen from the sky, Michel Ekéba, Jean David Nkot and Geraldine Tobé had in heart to realize a work which knows how to unite all human beings. With them, the future of humanity is embodied by this figure of an African woman walking towards the future. Géraldine Tobé uses smoke to paint these women’s silhouettes and the eagles’ heads recall the voodoo culture. Once again this work of 3 contemporary artists weave links between eras, cultures and techniques. A work with six hands where talents merge, proof that the collective is the future of our humanity.

The silhouettes of Afronauts are the work of Michel Ekéba and evoke by their color the six climatic zones of the African continent. These Afronauts are the symbiosis of all the peoples of Africa united, leading the spectator to the depths of the canvas, a cosmic reflection of the universe.