African Artists for Development (AAD), EUMETSAT and Arianespace have decided to cover Ariane 5 with the image of a piece of art created by an African Contemporary Artist to celebrate the launch of the Meteosat Third Generation satellite which will contribute to meteorological observation of the African continent.

In 2022, an Ariane 5 launcher will orbit a new EUMETSAT geostationary weather satellite over Africa to monitor climate and weather changes on the African continent. ASAP wants to show the strategic importance for the African people of such a launch. This satellite and the data it will provide for the continent represent a unique challenge. ASAP’s objective is to decorate the Ariane 5 nose cone with a contemporary African work of art, a historic flag of the power of contemporary African creation that is at the service of the continent’s future.

After a call for applications from hundreds of artists across the continent, 51 applications were received, the artistic committee (Jean-Philippe AKA, Gaël Faye, Keziah Jones and Melissa Goba) selected 3 artists who presented their projects to the ASAP jury in Paris on November 27.

The finalists are : Michel Ekeba (DRC), Géraldine Tobé (DRC) and Jean-David Nkot (Cameroon).

After deliberation, the jury unanimously decided to celebrate the union of all Africa by proposing to the three artists to realize together a unique work of art that will testify to the collective power of the continent.

During a two-month creative residency in Ouidah, Benin, The three artists created one artwork that will reach space in 2022.